Another lens on Hull House Closing

What would Jane Addams think of Hull House closing?
One of our Associate Board Members, Ivan Medina, answered this question publicly in The Chronicle of Philanthropy last week. Link is for subsription only, so here’s quick version:
Ivan thinks Jane Addams would not have recognized Hull House today. Her Hull House was not supported much by government. Today’s Hull House had become a patchwork collection of government funded programs to a large degree.

“Jane Addams was about social change. She challenged government. She organized strikes,” Ivan says. “If you become an arm of government, you can’t protest government, its bad policies and unequal services. You can’t take the stands you need to take.”

Ivan thinks she might be most upset by how employees were treated at the end — one week’s notice, no extended health insurance or severance pay. “She would be organizing them for protests.”