First Reactions to Gov. Quinn’s budget

Governor Quinn’s new budget website does not yet show his full proposal. So far, it is not a very user-friendly website, unless you are a budget expert. But at least it has a simple way to post your opinion on the budget.

It appears Gov. Quinn is going to propose cuts across all areas of state spending including education, human services, economic development and public safety. It is not yet clear what he is going to propose about state employee pensions, retiree benefits or state income taxes.

The Civic Federation released a very informative state budget proposal this week. The Federation is a non-partisan and fiscally cautious group that analyzes the Illinois budget.

The Federation recommends expense reductions, including a reform of state employee pensions. They also support an income tax increase from 3% to 5%, but only if its expense reduction initiatives are enacted first.

Click here to see a summary of the Civic Federation’s recommendations. It is very informative and shows there are constructive solutions to our problems, but they will be painful.