First Volley

Governor Quinn’s budget proposes significant pension reforms and $2 Billion worth of spending cuts. It proposes a tax increase that would be used to “undo” about $1 Billion worth of his proposed cuts to education.

Last year, the Governor’s budget threatened deep cuts in human services unless there was a tax increase. In the end, there was no tax increase, more limited cuts to human services and a stack of unpaid bills.

This year, it appears public education is being held up as the sacrificial lamb if there is no tax increase. The budget includes an 18% cut in state funding for all schools. This cut would affect Chicago Commons’ pre-schools since we do receive some public school funding. But will Governor Quinn actually follow through on this threat?

If Governor Quinn does not find a way to craft a budget solution with the legislature, then Chicago Commons’ unpaid state bills will rise and threaten our solvency along with many other organizations.