Governor Quiunn’s Proposed 2012 Human Services Budget Cuts

Governor Quinn’s Proposed 2012 Budget Cuts In Human Services Programs Will Directly Negatively Affect Chicago Commons and Our Clients

Governor Quinn recently released a proposed 2012 budget (for fiscal year starting July 1, 2001). It contains large cuts in health and human services programs. Along with Dan Valliere, I too, am concerned that this decrease in revenues for Commons’ services will result in:

. A significant reduction in Senior Care service volume (fewer clients will be eligible). Many of Commons’ Home Care Aides (and those of other agencies) would lose their jobs.

. Large cuts to our youth program requiring staff layoffs in that program and reduction in number of youth served.

. Child Care cuts are possible, but the budget is very unclear as to how they would happen. It’s hard to project the impact on Commons at this stage. But it is very concerning.

The Governor’s budget contains no mention of reductions to State employee pension/ health benefits.

The Governor’s budget is opaque; it is not clear if all state agencies are receiving cuts or not.

So, it is Commons’ conclusion that this budget is not fairly balanced. Cuts are absolutely necessary, and Commons will absorb its share. But they must be spread across all of state government. The Governor’s proposal leaves other potential cuts off the table, magnifying the impact on human service agencies.

Commons’ board, staff, clients, donors and the communities we serve, must work together to minimize the impact of these cuts upon our clients. We must be proactive, working together toward this end.

I welcome your perspective about Quinn’s budget, its impact on human services in general, but most specifically on Commons and the clients we serve. Please share your ideas on how we can best assure continued quality service to those most vulnerable while recognizing the need to balance the State budget.

Please post your responses on this blog.

Sue G’sell
Director of Development

Chicago Commons