Next Generation Engineers

STEM education — stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education.  There is going to be a huge demand for people trained in STEM disciplines in the coming years.  

Yesterday, Ron Kaminsky and Don Kleyweg from HBK Engineering  met with a school age classroom (7 to 12 year-olds) at the Guadlupano Center in Pilsen, showing our students how STEM subjects are applied in the real world.

Students learned about “Sub-surface Utility Engineering” – or SUE for short.  There were great questions about what is underground in Chicago and how it gets there.  Students got to touch and feel special materials like high voltage cable, fiber optic cable and samples of different pipes.  

The class has decided to continue to explore underground and the math needed to do this type of engineering.  As a next step, students decided to measure the length of their strides so that they can calculate distances from Guadalupano to their homes by counting their steps.  They learned that utilities engineers actually use this same method!

We are grateful for HBK’s support of Chicago Commons, partnering with us to inspire the next generation of engineers!