Post Strike

Great story on WBEZ today on how the teacher strike is resulting in more collaboration among teachers.  Though sad to think this hasn’t been the norm at schools.  There is something fundamental missing in the way our public education systems are structured.

An active dialogue among teachers is absolutely crucial to creating a dynamic, effective educational environment.  At Commons, we are very clear about the need for teachers to meet, dialogue and plan together.  It is a job requirement!  And it also makes this work a joy.

Hopefully more of this collaborative spirit will continue to spread in the public schools near our pre-schools.  Our dream, yet unrealized, is that we engage in ongoing dialogue between our pre-schools and the teachers at the nearby schools.  We have had some interesting moves in this direction during the year .. including the early educator summit we did in West Humboldt Park.

Hope this trend in teacher collaboration continues to grow!