School’s In (almost)

Chicago Public Schools is back in session on Tuesday, Sept. 8th.

Of course, it is critical that children get to school on the first day and hit the ground running. Also, Chicago Public Schools (CPS) benefits financially because funding levels with State of Illinois are calculated based on first day attendance rate.
Chicago Commons is a key supporter of CPS, helping build support for schools at the neighborhood level.

Today, we gave away 100 backpacks with school supplies to families in West Humboldt Park. Thank you to State Farm for donating the backpacks and supplies!

Last week, we donated a van load of supplies to Alderman Burnett’s Back to School rally.

Throughout this week we posted yard signs and distributed flyers in the neighborhood to make sure children attend the first day of school on September 8th.
And next week we welcome 700 children to start a new year at our full-day pre-schools.

All of our programs are educational, at root. Ultimately, we are building a culture of lifelong education in our neighborhoods. As we reach more and more families, that culture is starting to take root in the neighborhoods.