Speak Up!

A group of parents from Chicago Commons pre-schools just traveled to Springfield. This is the only way communities get the resources they need… residents must speak up.

At the capitol they talked to Representative Edward Acevedo (pictured). He voiced strong support for early learning investments.

State investments in early learning are critical to a neighborhood’s prosperity. Let me count the ways:

1. Allows parents of limited means to go to work. The full cost of quality early learning programs would consume over 50% of many parents paychecks, essentially discouraging them from working at all.
2. Encourages children to become life-long learners. The key to our future as a city, state and country is that everyone become an effective life long learner.
3. Builds a sense of community among parents, children, volunteers and staff. Each pre-school really is a learning community. This sense of community is powerful and helps overcome the neagtive social behaviors present in our neighborhoods.