State Budget – a critical year ahead

Governor Quinn launched a new website today on the State Budget.

The site includes a lot of detail about the State’s expenses and revenues. It is a lot of data to sort through. Over the coming weeks, Chicago Commons will post information here, at our Blog, about what the numbers mean to our neighborhoods and the families that we serve.

Most important: The Governor’s website has a COMMENTS section where the public can register their ideas on the budget. The Governor is going to analyze the comments to help inform his official budget to be released and debated in March.

It is the first time any Governor of Illinois has solicited public comments on the budget in this way.

Please log your comments with the Governor over the coming weeks.

We will post our commentary here, so please come read it and use it to inform your comments. And remember, you could submit more than one comment to the Governor (they are counting up responses).