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In 1874, Graham Taylor founded Chicago Commons on Chicago’s Northwest Side to serve the needs of Chicago’s struggling immigrant communities. Today, Graham Taylor Society members honor his legacy of compassion and philanthropy through gifts of $1,000 or more to Chicago Commons.

2014 Graham Taylor Society Members

  • Joan G. Adler
  • Bill and Mary Lou Anton
  • John and Esther Benjamin
  • Andrew and Elizabeth Bloomer
  • James Botana
  • James and Carolyn Brett
  • Sharon Buckley
  • Henry and Clarissa Chandler
  • Terri and Alfred D’Ancona III
  • David and Annette Dezelan
  • Debra and Willard S. Evans, Jr.
  • Robert and Joan Feitler
  • Quin and Simin Frazer
  • Corwith and Joan Hamill
  • Jonathan and Nancy Hamill
  • Roger and Pamela K. Hull
  • Frederick and Elizabeth Joosten
  • Ronald and Meredith Kaminski
  • Diana Hunt King and Neil King
  • Kluth Family Foundation
  • Dianne Luhmann
  • Clyde S. McGregor and LeAnn Pedersen Pope
  • Richard and Dorothy Nopar
  • Joseph and Dorothy Palombo
  • Michael Pratt
  • Jerry Reich
  • Dave and Colleen Reitan
  • The Rhoades Foundation
  • Bernard and Chantal Seguy
  • Rev. Geroge D. Smith III and Cecilia L. Smith
  • Robert and Randi Sobel
  • Nicholas Smith
  • Steven and Michelle Sparks
  • Dan and Joanna Valliere
  • Paul and Marjorie Valliere
  • Joseph Vanyo
  • Iris Witkowsky
  • H. Shepherd Young and Sally Benjamin Young

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When Chicago Commons’ founder, Graham Taylor, retired as director in 1922, his eldest daughter, Lea Demarest Taylor, succeeded him, guiding the agency into a new century as director until her own retirement in 1954.

Members of the Lea Demarest Taylor Society reflect Lea’s commitment of ongoing support through planned giving to Chicago Commons. Their philanthropic efforts increase Chicago Commons’ financial stability, and allow the organization to look forward into the future with an unrelenting commitment to serving the needs of Chicago’s most underserved communities.

Lea Demarest Taylor Society Members

  • George W. Blossom III Trust
  • Patricia Bro Trust
  • Emaroy June Benevolent Fund of JPMorgan
  • Mary Longbrake
  • Margaret Redding
  • Frank W. Thurston Trust
  • Abbie Tyrrell Fund of The Chicago Community Trust
  • Hobart W. Williams Trust

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