Tidal Waves

Things are different this year in Springfield.  There is a slow motion earthquake underway, unlike any time in 20 years or more.

And with earthquakes, come tsunamis .

The first wave hit us last week with news that the state ran out of child subsidy money two months early (before end of fiscal year).  No more payments for centers like Commons until July at earliest.   Many smaller centers are talking about closing.  Now there is news that State might have found funding to fix the next 2 months… but it must pass legislature.  So maybe first wave isn’t as big as feared?

However,  a much bigger second wave is coming.  Proposals are to drastically reduce eligibility for child care , making many working poor families ineligible… if this happens, you will see many child cares swamped by it, shutting their doors.  We will know more by end of May.  Watch for thousands of parents to show up in Springfield on May 16th.

At Commons, we are preparing for the waves, we will survive, but the threat to the families that we serve is enormous.