Welcome to this new way of communicating with Chicago Commons!

When I came to Chicago Commons ten years ago, I found an organization engaged in a huge variety of neighborhood level work. I was inspired and it is a large reason I am here ten years later and that I became Executive Director in 2005.

But one thing I know from experience — it is hard to get to know Commons and all of its work. As a new employee here in 1998 running a welfare-to-work program, I was completely unaware of many things Commons was doing. Every year I would discover a whole new area where Commons was making an impact.

Today, I am sure we are still struggling with the same issue… Commons does not always work to toot its own horn! At heart, we are a modest organization. Staff are realistic that it is not our work alone that makes the difference.. but that of neighborhood residents. Nonetheless, there are many good things we need to cheer about and many challenging things we need to share.

My purpose in starting this blog is to try to give you another way to learn about Chicago Commons and our ongoing work. I only hope I can do Commons justice!

Dan Valliere
Executive Director