Graham Taylor Society

In 1874 Graham Taylor founded Chicago Commons on Chicago’s Northwest Side to serve the needs of Chicago’s struggling immigrant communities. Today, Graham Taylor Society members honor his legacy of compassion and philanthropy through gifts of $1,000 or more to Chicago Commons.

Graham Taylor Society Members for FY 2016:

  • Joan G. Adler
  • Bill and Mary Lou Anton
  • John and Esther Benjamin
  • Andrew and Elizabeth Bloomer
  • Ann H. Collins
  • Terri and Alfred D’Ancona III
  • Debra Evans and Willard S. Evans, Jr.
  • Robert and Joan Feitler
  • Caroline Harney
  • Robert Heidkamp
  • Torrence Hinton
  • Roger and Pamela K. Hull
  • Frederick and Elizabeth Joosten
  • Ann B. Jones
  • Frank Lizzadro
  • Clyde S. McGregor and LeAnn Pedersen Pope
  • Rebecca Pellegrino
  • Michael Pratt
  • Bernard and Chantal Seguy
  • Rev. George D. Smith III and Cecilia L. Smith
  • Steven and Michelle Sparks
  • Michael Tadin
  • Mary Timmons
  • Richard P. Toft
  • Paul and Marjorie Valliere
  • Iris Witkowsky